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Mittelalterliches Stadtpanorame Regensburg
Stich Stadt Ratisbona
Sylvia Seifert:

about :

- M.A. in History, Classical Archaeology and Art History at Regensburg University
- Assistant of the women's representative of Regensburg university; member of the working group on "History of Women in Regensburg " with special focus on Jewish history
- Internship at the Department of Monuments of the City of Regensburg ? excavations of the medieval Jewish quarter on the site of the Neupfarrplatz
- Research Work for the Department of Archives and Monuments
- Member of the board of the Working Group Former Concentration Camp Flossenbürg
Main focuses: Support of and interviews with survivors from various European countries; research for evidence necessary to back the claims for compensatory damages
- Member of the working group on former forced labourers of "Evangelisches Bildungswerk e.V." - Main focus: forced labour in concentration camps, publication of the research results (download)
- Member of the working group on the Stumbling stones in Regensburg
 Blick von Steinerne Brücke Richtung Dom
Altes Rathaus zu Regensburg
Geschäftsstrasse Ludwigsstrasse