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Mittelalterliches Stadtpanorame Regensburg
Stich Stadt Ratisbona
Walking tour 1
Walking tour 2
Visit the former mikqua in Holzländestraße 5

For ten years I offer two different walking tours through the Old Town of Regensburg during which we will follow the traces of the oldest Jewish community in Southern Germany .
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The oldest traces of Jewish history in Regensburg date back to the Middle Ages, when Regensburg 's Jewish community was an important center of Jewish learning in a city that - as a center of long-distance trade - had a tradition of great cultural diversity. We will also encounter the traces of persecution and displacement of the Jews in the 16 th and 20 th centuries and get to know the new Jewish community that began to form about 60 years ago and which is today a vital part of the city.

 Blick von Steinerne Brücke Richtung Dom
Altes Rathaus zu Regensburg
Geschäftsstrasse Ludwigsstrasse