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Mittelalterliches Stadtpanorame Regensburg
Stich Stadt Ratisbona
historical researches

70 years ago, in April 1942, the first of three deportation trains left Regensburg. To remember more than 200 members of the Jewish community, I started to research the history of these families. They will be gradually published here.
Stumbling stones are an art project by Gunter Demnig, Cologne.
They are one possibility to remember those people, who had been deported by police during the years of Nationalsozialism. There were several accusations: some were prosecued because of their political opinion, others because of religious reasons or because of disabilities. All of them were forced to leave their homes and were murdered in jails, concentrations camps or even hospitals.
If you are interested in the story of some of these families, please click leftside.
Passengers of Viking who visited Regensburg in October 2011and September 2012, will find some historical facts to family Jordan and Mrs Gutmann and Mrs Sämann.
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 Blick von Steinerne Brücke Richtung Dom
Altes Rathaus zu Regensburg
Geschäftsstrasse Ludwigsstrasse